• Ministry of Works – 8 villas from the 200 villas at Busaiteen
    Building & Electrical const
    CLIENT: Bahrain Municipality
  • Bahrain go kart for cineco
    Kart for cineco
    CLIENT: Bahrain
  • Ministry of Works – 8 villas from the 200 villas at Busaiteen
    CLIENT: Bahrain
  • Bahrain go kart for cineco
    Kart for cineco
    CLIENT: Bahrain
  • Conference Hall
    Client: Bahrain


A prominent construction company in the various fields of construction with a dignified versatile projects in the hand like Commercial, Residential, Industrial etc.. with a high reputation in s short span of period in the construction industry. We build your dreams with quality, professionalism, commitment, reliability, credibility and to our satisfaction
Thus OBEC becomes unique among the thousands in the Industry.


Directors Voice.. We would like to introduce our self as a Client focused company; OBEC Est. begins by determining goals and objectives, and then adds individual specifications to the equation. Next is the presentation of a solution that will provide the best result at the best value. After that, the approach is tailored to meet the exact needs of the project utilizing a flexible delivery process, refined and customized for each Client. Finally, with the experience and technical expertise necessary to develop an efficient solution, OBEC Est. delivers the result.

Hope your esteemed cooperation to promote us, exist us


Established in 1989 as a famous Electrical Contractors in BAHRAIN - some well known projects to its credibility – late 2006, we have extended our service from Electrical to Building Construction, as the Industry is having the highest boom in the Kingdom of Bahrain, We planned to render our services to the mankind of the Island by our skilled crews to Build a new phase in the history of Construction Industry in Bahrain. We are team builders and we build strong teams with our technical staffs and everyone is dedicated to their experience and specialty.

Our Capabilities

We can develop any dreams in your mind a mansion or a sky scrapper or a monument with our skilled workers and equipments to suit any budgetary profile with quality and dedication.

Our organization has been gained a lot of versatile projects through our experience and expertise have enabled to give birth a range of service resulted in changing the face of Bahrain.

Al Wadi Square

Wadi square at Riffa is an amazing shopping complex with a contemporary and traditional fusion of art and architecture where the world-class shopping experience avail

OBEC-Scope of Service

  • Pre-Construction Services
  • Construction Services
  • Post Construction Services

Pre-Construction Services

To maximize opportunities to save cost and time and to ensure delivery of projects intended quality, a project must be reviews and analyzed during its very early phases. As the project progress into the Construction phase, the cost of the introducing changes to correct conceptual flaws can increase dramatically. To avoid these cost increase, OBEC offers the following services

Feasibility Studies
Site Studies
Cost Estimating & Budget allocation
Financial Analysis
Budget Monitoring & Control


Building Construction with a dawn of new construction era.
Expertise Workers in Civil, MEP & Other branches of Construction.
Quality control etc..

Construction Services

The Construction phase of a project finally brings together those efforts of pre-design and converts drawings and specification into the product envisioned by the designer and approved by the owner. To accomplish this, OBEC provides the following service to its Clients:

Management of Tender process
Conduct-Pre Construction meetings
Review and approval of Master Construction Schedule.
Selection and approval of materials
Review of Construction progress
Submittal of monthly reports
Analysis & monthly payment applications
Development of project control systems
Procurement Management
Contract Administration
Safety Management
Claims Management

Post Construction Services

With the completion of the construction phase of the project, the occupancy, commissioning, operations and maintenance begin. To accomplish this, OBEC can offer the following service:

Obtaining required permits for project commissioning
Start-up assistance
Operations and Maintenance planning