OBEC-Scope of Service

OBEC-Scope of Servic

The following is a summary of the scopes of service rendered for a complete project management package, but the various components of the project management may be utilized separately depending on the requirements of specific Clients and Projects.

Pre-Construction Services

To maximize opportunities to save cost and time and to ensure delivery of projects intended quality, a project must be reviews and analyzed during its very early phases.. As the project progress into the Construction phase, the cost of the introducing changes to correct conceptual flaws can increase dramatically. To avoid these cost increase, OBEC offers the following services.

Recent projects for Trans Gulf include:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Site Studies
  • Cost Estimating & Budget allocation
  • Financial Analysis
  • Budget Monitoring & Control


  • Building Construction with a dawn of new construction era.
  • Expertise Workers in Civil, MEP & Other branches of Construction
  • Quality control etc